Zin in Trappen

Dear Sponsors,

It's been a while that we communicated with you about our sponsor project Paris-Dakar. We like to share with you what the combined effort of you and others has lead to from a monetary point of view. The organization Bike-Dreams recently totaled up all the contributions made by all the sponsors of the riders (there were 13 sponsored), and came to €20.265,27, of which €5126,76 where donated by you all.

Needless to say that we are very proud that with your help we were able to contribute 25% of the total sum! The money has been handed over to SOS Kinderdorpen en Right to Play on the 1st of February by Wilbert Bonné and Rob van der Geest of Bike-Dreams. Attached a snapshot of the information about that on Bike-Dreams website.

For those of you that can read French, on the 7th of January, and article has been published in the Nice Matin about our trip that we have attached for your information.

I case you might wonder, we have not yet decided on our next trip, it will most likely be an "modest" trip in Europe, perhaps going from our house to Denmark. We will let you know.

Warm regards and again thank you for your support.

Jenny and Kees Vonk

P.S. Pour les Français: Merci pour votre support, l'argent était donner a SOS Villages des Enfant et Right to Play. A bientôt!