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Plan in Zambia

Plan has worked since 1995 in Zambia. Plan is active in the three work areas Mazabuka, Chadiza and Chibombo. These work areas lay in the South West, East and central part of Zambia.

Plan worked with more than 12,000 children and their families and communities last year to implement long-term projects. They have also been helping to provide emergency food relief to families across five communities who were most affected by a poor harvest, largely due to low rainfall, which has led to widespread food shortages.

Although Plan is not a relief organisation, in the face of looming famine affecting communities where they are already working, they have naturally been working with local partners to respond to immediate needs, distributing food supplies and nutritional supplements. To address food security problems in the longer term, we are focusing on promoting various farming techniques including crop rotation and soil improvement. It is likely, however, that food aid will continue to be needed for some months to come.

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