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Jenny and Kees love to ride their bicycles and have made already many trips over the world. Their dream: Getting old cycling the world!

Makkum 2019

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Danmark 2015

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New Zeeland 2014

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Pyrenees 2013

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Arctic tour 2010

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Parijs Dakar 2007

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Africa 2006

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Why are we doing this?

Many times the question will rise: "Why are we doing this ?". The cycling event is first of all a great challenge for our self through a fascinating environment which changes continuously. But there's more to it.

We are in the fortunate position that our cradle, stood in the Western world and as a result, we grew up in freedom and luxury. Life is very different, for millions of children. They have limited choices, and their fate is often restricted by unforeseen circumstances. These children have little or no future.

Bike Dreams has decided to organize this unique trip, not only for its participants, but also for the children who deserve better. Bike Dreams has started a cooperation with the international charitable institutions Right To Play and SOS Children’s Villages. The sponsorship makes it possible not only to cycle to and thru Africa, but also to cycle for Africa.

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Cycling blog Jenny & Kees

In this blog you can follow us on our cycling trips around the world

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